Shock Tower
Size 3x3
Attack Range 9.0
Attack Speed Slow
Target Ground
Build Limit Multiple Targets


"The Shock Tower fires a concentrated beam of energy in an area stunning all Units, disabling their movement, and dealing minor damage. The beam impacts both ground and air units and is deadly in combination with other towers."

The Shock tower is a support tower. It's best used in combination with other towers. Not a damage dealing tower, and a rather expensive tower, it's best used by high tier players because of it's cost. Nevertheless, it performs an important function in the defense of your base and magnifies the power of your other towers near it by stunning units.

levels and traitsEdit

Level Damage Shock Time Hitpoints Build Cost (Minerals) Build Time XP gained Power Used CC requirement
lvl 1 10 2s 1500 250,000 24hrs 7,200 150 7
lvl 2 20 2.4s 1750 750,000 2d 14,400 300 8
lvl 3 30 2.8s 2000 1,500,000 3d 21,600 450 9
lvl 4 40 3.2s 2250 2,250,000 4d 28,800 600 9
lvl 5 50 3.5s 2500 3,000,000 5d 36,000 750 10