There are currently three types of Offensive Commanders available. They can be acquired after completing each Act in the contracts section.


Offensive Commanders function as important elements of any mid-tier to high-tier base. They have multiple abilities currently. You can either unleash electrical destruction on your foes by using the HAARP Commander , Nuke them to death using the titular Nuclear Commander , or eradicate them after rendering their defenses useless after an EMP blast. Currently, there are three Commanders available. All Offensive commanders have a 2 day time before they can be deployed again, and each deployment gives them additional experience (10 XP) that allows them to level up and become even stronger than before. 

Each Offensive Commander has three charges. These are used up whenever that commander is used. They do not refill themselves, and need the commander to be bought again.

  • Nuclear CommanderGo to Nuclear Commander
  • EMP CommanderGo to EMP Commander
  • HAARP CommanderGo to HAARP Commander