Total Domination

Mainland Assault is the first contract for the third act. Commander are introduced to the mighty Neo-Chinese Empire and General Zhao and must defeat him.

The total reward for completing all the missions on three stars is 200 Fusion

IMG 0767

The original tutorial map. It can be completed using ten Marines.

Loot: 49k Minerals            49k Oil

IMG 0766

The second map. This too can be completed using ten Marines.

Loot: 54k Minerals            54k Oil

IMG 0765

The third map. This one can be completed by using around fifteen Marines.

Loot: 59k Minerals            59k Oil

IMG 0764

This somewhat tougher map requires you to use at least twenty Marines, or the bonus units War Inc. provides you at the end of the tutorial.

Loot: 74k Minerals            74k Oil

IMG 0763

This tough map at the Contract's end requires you to whip out around thirty Marines and some supporting troops.

Loot: 79k Minerals            79k Oil