Treacherous Grounds

Treacherous Grounds is the first Contract for the game. Picking up from where the tutorial left off, commanders get to take their revenge on Cyrus Grey who -- in a rather dramatic turn of events -- actually escapes *gasp*.

The total reward for completing all the missions on three stars is 100 Fusion

IMG 0731
The original tutorial map. It can be completed using ten Marines.
IMG 0732

The second map. This too can be completed using ten Marines.

Loot: 200 Minerals             200 Oil

IMG 0733

The third map. This one can be completed by using around fifteen Marines.

Loot: 400 Minerals            400 Oil

IMG 0734

This somewhat tougher map requires you to use at least twenty Marines, or the bonus units War Inc. provides you at the end of the tutorial.

Loot: 800 Minerals            800 Oil

IMG 0735

This tough map at the Contract's end requires you to whip out around thirty Marines and some supporting troops.

Loot: 1000 Minerals          1000 Oil