Units available

Movement Speed Attack Range Attack Speed Priority Target Cp Count
Medium Low Medium Any 1
Fast High Medium Any 1
Demo Bot
Fast Low Medium Walls 2

“The Barracks are the foundation of your army. Train infantry to lead the charge, snipe enemy defenses, destroy walls, and heal friendlies. Upgraded infantry units can pack a mean punch, so upgrade your units quickly and often.”

The Barracks is the primary unit production building, Available after the tutorial ends. It produces Marines , Demo Bots and Snipers . It has three levels currently, each of them unlocking a different tier of units.

Barrack levels and traits

Level Hitpoints Build Cost (Oil) Build Time XP gained Power Used CC requirement Unit unlocked

Queue Limit (CP)

lvl 1 500 100 1m 3 15 1 Marine 20
lvl 2 600 500 15m 45 30 2 Sniper 40
lvl 3 700 5000 2hrs 360 45 3 Demo Bot 60